ArchLinux 2018.10.01: Install byobu for terminal multiplexer

Table of Contents

1 Install byobu

Install byobu and tmux. The tmux is installed as backend.

$ sudo pacman -Sy –noconfirm git base-devel$ git clone cd byobu$ makepkg -s –noconfirm$ sudo pacman -Sy –noconfirm tmux$ sudo pacman -U –noconfirm ./*.pkg.tar.xz


Environment variable PROMPT_COMMAND sets window name of byobu, tmux and screen dynamically.

#!/bin/shcat <<EOF >> .bashrccase ${TERM} in screen*|vt*) # PROMPT_COMMAND on emacs duplicates prompt string. if [ -z “${INSIDE_EMACS}” ]; then export PROMPT_COMMAND=’printf “33k%s:%s33\\” “${HOSTNAME%%.*}” $(basename “${PWD/#$HOME/~}”)’ fi ;; *) unset PROMPT_COMMAND ;;esacEOF

3 Run byobu

Run byobu with byobu command.

$ byobu

The byobu is displayed.


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