Docker: Docker image which runs XRDP on Fedora 24 desktop

Table of Contents

1 Download Docker image from DockerHub

The following will pull Docker image from DockerHub and connect to container with rdesktop. You can connect to container with Windows remote desktop.

$ id=$(docker run -d –cap-add=SYS_ADMIN –tmpfs /tmp –tmpfs /run -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro hiroom2/doxrdp-fedora-24-xfce)<snip>$ ipaddr=$(docker inspect –format=”{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}” “${id}”)$ rdesktop -g 1024×768 -u doxrdp -p doxrdp “${ipaddr}”


Desktops are as the following.

hiroom2/doxrdp-fedora-24-xfce Xfce4 hiroom2/doxrdp-fedora-24-mate MATE hiroom2/doxrdp-fedora-24-lxde LXDE

  • Username is doxrdp and password is doxrdp.
  • One container needs 300MB RAM.
  • In case Core-i5 and SSD machine, it takes about 5 seconds to connect to XRDP after starting container.
  • This docker image is not shrinked at all. Image size is about 3GB.

2 Download Dockerfile from GitHub

You can build Docker image on local machine with Dockerfile in GitHub.

$ git clone cd doxrdp$ ./doxrdp build fedora-24-xfce$ ./doxrdp rdesktop fedora-24-xfce

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