Fedora 29 [English]

Install and initial setup


  • Virus scan with ClamAV
  • File integrity check with AIDE
  • Firewall with Firewalld
  • Mandatory Access Control with SELinux


  • Install conky for desktop system monitor
  • Install Xfce for desktop environment
  • Install LXDE for desktop environment
  • Install MATE for desktop environment
  • Install Cinnamon for desktop environment
  • Install Tor Browser for Web Browser
  • Install Google Chrome for Web Browser
  • Install Opera for Web Browser
  • Install Vivaldi for Web Browser


  • Install sshfs for SSH client
  • Install cifs-utils for SMB client
  • Install davfs2 for WebDAV client
  • Install nfs-utils for NFS client
  • Install iscsi-initiator-utils for iSCSI initiator
  • Install curlftpfs for FTP client


  • Install Postfix for SMTP server
  • Install openssh-server for SSH server
  • Install Samba for SMB server
  • Install WebDAV for file server
  • Install nfs-utils for NFS server
  • Install scsi-target-utils for iSCSI target
  • Install vsftpd for FTP server
  • Install ProFTPD for FTP server
  • Install tftp-server for TFTP server
  • Install dhcp for DHCP server
  • Install bind for DNS server
  • Install ngIRCd for IRC server

Remote desktop server

  • Connect to GNOME desktop environment via XRDP
  • Connect to Xfce desktop environment via XRDP
  • Connect to LXDE desktop environment via XRDP
  • Connect to MATE desktop environment via XRDP


  • Install Webmin for web base system admin tool
  • Install Nagios for web base system monitor tool
  • Install Zabbix for web base system monitor
  • Install WordPress for CMS
  • Install Drupal for CMS
  • Install Joomla for CMS
  • Install Moodle for e-Learning platform
  • Install MediaWiki for wiki software
  • Install Trac for project management


  • Bridge interface
  • Install KVM for virtualization
  • Install VirtualBox for virtualization
  • Install Docker for container
  • Install LXD for container
  • Install Flatpak for application container


  • Install Eclipse CDT for C/C++ development
  • Install Android Studio 3.2
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