KaliLinux 2017.1: Install XRDP for remote desktop server

Table of Contents

1 Install XRDP

Install XRDP and TigerVNC server.

$ sudo apt install -y xrdp tigervnc-standalone-server

Because desktop environment cannot be connected if session type is not Xvnc, change default session type from Xorg to Xvnc.

$ cd /etc/xrdp/$ cat <<EOF | sudo patch -p1— a/xrdp.ini 2017-06-19 14:05:53.290490260 +0900+++ b/xrdp.ini 2017-06-19 14:11:17.788557402 +0900@@ -147,15 +147,6 @@ tcutils=true ; Session types ;-[Xorg]-name=Xorg-lib=libxup.so-username=ask-password=ask-ip= [Xvnc] name=Xvnc lib=libvnc.so@@ -166,6 +157,15 @@ port=-1 #xserverbpp=24 #delay_ms=2000+[Xorg]+name=Xorg+lib=libxup.so+username=ask+password=ask+ip= [console] name=console lib=libvnc.so

Restart XRDP.

$ sudo systemctl enable xrdp$ sudo systemctl restart xrdp

2 Connect XRDP from Windows 10

Run remote desktop.

Windows start button -> Windows Accesssories -> Remote Desktop Connection

Input FQDN or IP address of XRDP server and connect to XRDP.


Input username and password.


CNOME3 desktop environment is displayed.


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