libvirt: virsh setmem –config needs domain running

20日 7月 2021

When I upgrade libvirt to 7.5.0, I found a change related with virsh setmem.

1 Cannot execute virsh setmem –config against stopped domain

libvirt 7.3.0 allowed excecuting virsh setmem –config against stopped domain. But libvirt 7.5.0 does not allow.

$ virsh list –all | grep kvm-archlinux-test – kvm-archlinux-test shut off$ virsh setmem –config kvm-archlinux-test 2Gerror: Requested operation is not valid: domain is not running

2 Use –current instead of –config against stopped domain

–current option will apply against shut off domain.

$ virsh setmem –current kvm-archlinux-test 2G$ echo $?0 ]]> tagPlaceholderカテゴリ: linux, en, libvirt, 202107

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