OpenSUSE 13: Change YaST’s color theme

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1 My terminal color theme

My terminal color theme uses black as background and white as character. Because I feel it is hard to see character in case of black as background and blue as character, I change blue to orange in terminal settings.

In my terminal, YaST in text mode is displayed as below. Orange as background is not good for me (Blue is good).


2 Y2NCURSES_COLOR_THEME in /etc/sysconfig/yast2

Y2NCURSES_COLOR_THEME in /etc/sysconfig/yast2 changes YaST’s color theme in text mode.

## Type: string(linux,xterm,rxvt,mono,inverted,highcontrast,braille)## Default: “”# Color theme for YaST ncurses UI# xterm: blue-white-red# linux: blue-white-yellow# rxvt: black-yellow-red# mono: white-black# inverted: black-white# highcontrast: lightgrey-black# braille: for visually impairedY2NCURSES_COLOR_THEME=””

This article shows rxvt and highcontrast.

2.1 rxvt

This theme uses black as background.


2.2 highcontrast

This theme uses grey as background.


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