OpenSUSE 13: Install cmake 3.6

Table of Contents

1 Install jsoncpp-devel

cmake 3.6 in Fedora 25 needs jsoncpp-devel. Because jsoncpp is in packman repository, add packman repository.

> sudo zypper ar -f packman> sudo zypper -n –gpg-auto-import-keys up

2 Install cmake 3.6

Download Fedora 25’s src.rpm.

> F=> wget -q ${F}/Everything/source/tree/Packages/c/cmake-3.6.2-6.fc25.src.rpm> rpm -i cmake-3.6.2-6.fc25.src.rpm> cd ~/rpmbuild

Change BuildRequires package name from Fedora 25 to OpenSUSE 13.

> B=”BuildRequires:”> sed -e “s/^${B}( *)qt-devel/${B}1libqt4-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)pkgconfig(Qt5)/${B}1patterns-openSUSE-devel_qt5/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)bzip2-devel/${B}1libbz2-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)expat-devel/${B}1libexpat-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)gcc-gfortran/${B}1gcc-fortran/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)libarchive3-devel/${B}1libarchive-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)python2-devel/${B}1python-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)python%{python3_pkgversion}-devel/${B}1python3-devel/g” -e “s;^${B}( *)/usr/bin/sphinx-build;#${B}1/usr/bin/sphinx-build;g” -i SPECS/cmake.spec

Make the condition for Fedora’s RPM macro to be always true. This is because packing will be error when this condition is false.

> sed -e ‘s/%if 0%{?fedora} || 0%{?rhel} >= 7/%if 1/g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec

Fedora 25’s %_docdir is /usr/share/doc and OpenSUSE 13’s /usr/share/doc/package. This will cause packing error. Change %_docdir to /usr/share/doc.

> sed -e ‘s;%{_docdir};/usr/share/doc;g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec

OpenSUSE 13 does not have /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/macros.emacs. Change RPM macro in /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/macros.emacs to command.

> sed -e “s;%{_emacs_bytecompile};/usr/bin/emacs -batch –no-init-file –no-site-file –eval ‘(progn (setq load-path (cons “.” load-path)))’ -f batch-byte-compile;g” -e ‘s;%{_emacs_sitelispdir};/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp;g’ -e ‘s;%{_emacs_sitestartdir};/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.d;g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec

Remove emacs-filesystem from Requires package which OpenSUSE 13 does not have.

> sed -e ‘s/Requires: emacs-filesystem(.*)/#Requires: emacs-filesystem1/g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec

Install BuildRequires packages. jsoncpp-devel will be installed.

> sudo zypper -n in $(grep “^${B}” SPECS/cmake.spec | sed -e “s/^${B}//g” -e ‘s/,/ /g’)

Fedora and Ubuntu have /usr/include/form.h which is same with /usr/include/ncurses/form.h. But OpenSUSE 13 does not have. Create symbolic link /usr/include/form.h to /usr/include/ncurses/form.h.

> sudo ln -s /usr/include/ncurses/form.h /usr/include/

Because OpenSUSE 13’s python-sphinx cannot generate html in cmake 3.6, run rpmbuild with –without sphinx. This will take 30 minutes.

> rpmbuild -ba SPECS/cmake.spec –without sphinx

Install cmake 3.6.

> sudo zypper -n in RPMS/noarch/cmake-*.rpm RPMS/x86_64/cmake-*.rpm

3 Script for installing cmake 3.6

The following script will install cmake 3.6.

#!/bin/sh# Need jsoncpp in packman.sudo zypper ar -f packmansudo zypper -n –gpg-auto-import-keys up# Download Fedora 25 src.rpm.F= -q ${F}/Everything/source/tree/Packages/c/cmake-3.6.2-6.fc25.src.rpmrpm -i cmake-3.6.2-6.fc25.src.rpmcd ~/rpmbuild# Replace package names from Fedora 25 to OpenSUSE 13.B=”BuildRequires:”sed -e “s/^${B}( *)qt-devel/${B}1libqt4-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)pkgconfig(Qt5)/${B}1patterns-openSUSE-devel_qt5/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)bzip2-devel/${B}1libbz2-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)expat-devel/${B}1libexpat-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)gcc-gfortran/${B}1gcc-fortran/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)libarchive3-devel/${B}1libarchive-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)python2-devel/${B}1python-devel/g” -e “s/^${B}( *)python%{python3_pkgversion}-devel/${B}1python3-devel/g” -e “s;^${B}( *)/usr/bin/sphinx-build;#${B}1/usr/bin/sphinx-build;g” -i SPECS/cmake.spec# Packing will be error when ‘%if 0%{?fedora} || 0%{?rhel} >= 7’ is false.# This is Fedora’s problem.sed -e ‘s/%if 0%{?fedora} || 0%{?rhel} >= 7/%if 1/g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec# Fedora 25’s %_docdir is /usr/share/doc and OpenSUSE 13’s is# /usr/share/doc/package. This causes packing error.sed -e ‘s;%{_docdir};/usr/share/doc;g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec# OpenSUSE 13 does not have /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/macros.emacs.sed -e “s;%{_emacs_bytecompile};/usr/bin/emacs -batch –no-init-file –no-site-file –eval ‘(progn (setq load-path (cons “.” load-path)))’ -f batch-byte-compile;g” -e ‘s;%{_emacs_sitelispdir};/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp;g’ -e ‘s;%{_emacs_sitestartdir};/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.d;g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec# Remove emacs-filesystem from cmake-data’s dependencies.sed -e ‘s/Requires: emacs-filesystem(.*)/#Requires: emacs-filesystem1/g’ -i SPECS/cmake.spec# Install BuildRequires packages.sudo zypper -n in $(grep “^${B}” SPECS/cmake.spec | sed -e “s/^${B}//g” -e ‘s/,/ /g’)# Fedora and Ubuntu have /usr/include/form.h.# This might be OpenSUSE 13’s issue.sudo ln -s /usr/include/ncurses/form.h /usr/include/# Build and install rpm. sphinx-build cannot build html.# Use rpmbuild with “–without sphinx”.rpmbuild -ba SPECS/cmake.spec –without sphinx# Install cmake.sudo zypper -n in RPMS/noarch/cmake-*.rpm RPMS/x86_64/cmake-*.rpm

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