OpenSUSE 13: Install samba and share with Windows 10

Table of Contents

1 Install samba

samba is already installed by default but not enabled.

> sudo zypper -n in samba # If you have uninstalled samba.> sudo systemctl enable smb nmb> sudo systemctl start smb nmb

2 Port

Open port with config file “samba-server”.

> firewall_open_service(){ for t in FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT FW_CONFIGURATIONS_DMZ FW_CONFIGURATIONS_INT; do sudo sed -e “s/^${t}=”(.*)”/${t}=”1 $1″/g” -i /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 done sudo systemctl restart SuSEfirewall2}> firewall_open_service samba-server

3 pdbedit

Add user access to samba with pdbedit.

> sudo pdbedit -a hiroom2new password:retype new password:

4 /etc/samba/smb.conf

Home directory sharing is enabled by default. The following will enable share directory with multiple user.

> diff -uprN /etc/samba/smb.conf{.org,}— /etc/samba/ 2016-12-29 00:38:07.350937431 +0900+++ /etc/samba/smb.conf 2016-12-29 00:50:14.156559064 +0900@@ -51,3 +51,10 @@ force group = ntadmin create mask = 0664 directory mask = 0775++[share]+ comment = Share directory+ path = /var/lib/share+ read only = no+ guest only = no+ guest ok = no

Create share directory.

> sudo mkdir /var/lib/share> sudo chmod 0777 /var/lib/share

Restart samba.

> sudo systemctl restart smb nmb

5 Access to samba from Windows 10

Below URL on explore will access to home directory.


Below URL on explore will access to share directory.


You can use “Map Network drive” to samba.

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