OpenSUSE Leap 42: Install Android Studio 2.3

Table of Contents

1 Install Android Studio

Install package for Android Studio.

> sudo zypper -n in patterns-openSUSE-kvm_server android-tools libstdc++6-32bit zlib-devel-32bit

Install Android Studio to /opt.

> URL=> wget -q ${URL}/> sudo unzip -q -d /opt/> rm -f

Create desktop file for Android Studio.

> cat <<EOF | sudo tee /usr/local/share/applications/android-studio.desktop[Desktop Entry]Type=ApplicationName=Android StudioIcon=/opt/android-studio/bin/studio.pngExec=/opt/android-studio/bin/studio.shTerminal=falseCategories=Development;IDE;EOF

2 Run Android Studio

Run android-studio.desktop at the launcher or run the following command at the terminal.

> /opt/android-studio/bin/


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