ParrotSecurity 3.8: Install Tiny Tiny RSS for web base RSS reader

Table of Contents

1 Install Tiny Tiny RSS

The following script will install Tiny Tiny RSS.

  • TT_RSS_PASSWD is tt-rss user’s password of MySQL.
  • TT_RSS_FQDN is a server machine’s FQDN. Please change your server machine which will be installed Tiny Tiny RSS.

#!/bin/shset -eexport DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive[ -z “${TT_RSS_PASSWD}” ] && TT_RSS_PASSWD=tt-rss[ -z “${TT_RSS_URL}” ] && TT_RSS_FQDN=tt-rss.hiroom2.comTT_RSS_URL=https://${TT_RSS_FQDN}/tt-rssmysql_install(){ sudo apt install -y mariadb-server sudo systemctl enable mariadb sudo systemctl restart mariadb}ttrss_install(){ cat <<EOF | sudo debconf-set-selectionstt-rss tt-rss/dbconfig-install boolean truett-rss tt-rss/database-type select mysqltt-rss tt-rss/mysql/app-pass password ${TT_RSS_PASSWD}tt-rss tt-rss/app-password-confirm password ${TT_RSS_PASSWD}tt-rss tt-rss/reconfigure-webserver multiselect apache2# tt-rss/self_url_path must be set for installing tt-rss tt-rss/self_url_path string ${TT_RSS_URL}/tt-rssEOF sudo apt install -y tt-rss libapache2-mod-php dbconfig-mysql php-mbstring # When installing tt-rss automatically with debconf-set-selections, # tt-rss’s postinst read tt-rss/self_url_path but does not use it value. # So this script sets tt-rss/self_url_path and set config.php again. cat <<EOF | sudo debconf-set-selectionstt-rss tt-rss/self_url_path string ${TT_RSS_URL}/tt-rssEOF sudo sed -e “s;define(‘SELF_URL_PATH’, ‘.*’);define(‘SELF_URL_PATH’, ‘${TT_RSS_URL}’);g” -i /etc/tt-rss/config.php sudo systemctl restart tt-rss}apache_install(){ sudo cp /etc/tt-rss/apache.conf /etc/tt-rss/apache.conf.orig cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/tt-rss/apache.conf<VirtualHost _default_:443> SSLEngine on SSLCertificateFile /etc/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key$(sed -e ‘s/^/ /g’ /etc/tt-rss/apache.conf.orig)</VirtualHost>EOF sudo a2enmod php7.0 sudo a2enmod ssl sudo systemctl enable apache2 sudo systemctl restart apache2}ttrss_main(){ mysql_install ttrss_install apache_install}ttrss_main

2 Access to Tiny Tiny RSS

Access to the following URL. Accept this page’s certification to browser.


Login page of Tiny Tiny RSS is displayed. Login as admin user with setting “admin” to Login and “password” to Password.


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