ParrotSecurity 4.2: Install Flatpak for application container

Table of Contents

1 Install flatpak

Install flatpak package with apt.

#!/bin/sh -esudo apt install -y flatpak

2 Install runtime

Install Gnome as runtime.

#!/bin/sh -ewget –user remote-add –gpg-import=gnome-sdk.gpg gnome –user install -y gnome org.gnome.Platform 3.24flatpak –user install -y gnome org.gnome.Sdk 3.24

3 Install application

Install gedit as application.

#!/bin/shflatpak –user remote-add –gpg-import=gnome-sdk.gpg gnome-apps –user install -y gnome-apps org.gnome.gedit stableflatpak run org.gnome.gedit –version

The gedit version will be displayed.

gedit – Version 3.22.0

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