ParrotSecurity 4.2: Install Zabbix for web base system monitor

Table of Contents

1 Install Zabbix

The following script will install Zabbix server and Zabbix agent.

  • You need to use “localhost” as Zabbix agent host name (Configuration -> Hosts -> Create Host).
  • MYSQL_PASSWD is a password of root user in MySQL and ZABBIX_PASSWD is password of zabbix user in MySQL.

#!/bin/sh -ePHP_VERSION=7.2[ -z “${MYSQL_PASSWD}” ] && MYSQL_PASSWD=mysql[ -z “${ZABBIX_PASSWD}” ] && ZABBIX_PASSWD=zabbixmysql_install(){ sudo apt install -y default-mysql-server sudo systemctl enable mysql sudo systemctl restart mysql cat <<EOF | sudo mysql_secure_installationy${MYSQL_PASSWD}${MYSQL_PASSWD}nyyyEOF}zabbix_install(){ sudo apt install -y zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-frontend-php php-mysql libapache2-mod-php sudo a2enconf zabbix-frontend-php timezone=$(cat /etc/timezone) sudo sed -i /etc/php/${PHP_VERSION}/apache2/php.ini -e ‘s/^post_max_size = .*/post_max_size = 16M/g’ -e ‘s/^max_execution_time = .*/max_execution_time = 300/g’ -e ‘s/^max_input_time = .*/max_input_time = 300/g’ -e “s:^;date.timezone =.*:date.timezone = “${timezone}”:g” cat <<EOF | sudo mysql -uroot -p${MYSQL_PASSWD}CREATE DATABASE zabbix DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON zabbix.* TO zabbix@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘${ZABBIX_PASSWD}’;exitEOF for sql in schema.sql.gz images.sql.gz data.sql.gz; do zcat /usr/share/zabbix-server-mysql/”${sql}” | sudo mysql -uzabbix -p${ZABBIX_PASSWD} zabbix; done sudo sed -e ‘s/# ListenPort=.*/ListenPort=10051/g’ -e “s/# DBPassword=.*/DBPassword=${ZABBIX_PASSWD}/g” -i /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf # Skip setup.php cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/zabbix/zabbix.conf.php<?php// Zabbix GUI configuration $DB;$DB[‘TYPE’] = ‘MYSQL’;$DB[‘SERVER’] = ‘localhost’;$DB[‘PORT’] = ‘0’;$DB[‘DATABASE’] = ‘zabbix’;$DB[‘USER’] = ‘zabbix’;$DB[‘PASSWORD’] = ‘${ZABBIX_PASSWD}’;// Schema name. Used for IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL.$DB[‘SCHEMA’] = ”;$ZBX_SERVER = ‘localhost’;$ZBX_SERVER_PORT = ‘10051’;$ZBX_SERVER_NAME = ”;$IMAGE_FORMAT_DEFAULT = IMAGE_FORMAT_PNG;?>EOF sudo a2enmod ssl sudo a2ensite default-ssl sudo systemctl enable apache2 zabbix-server sudo systemctl restart apache2 zabbix-server # This Hostname is used for Host name in # Configuration -> Hosts -> Create Host. sudo apt install -y zabbix-agent sudo sed -e “s/^Hostname=.*/Hostname=localhost/g” -i /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf}zabbix_main(){ mysql_install zabbix_install}zabbix_main

2 Access to Zabbix

Access to Zabbix via http or https. If you use https, please allow certification file to exception.


Input Admin to Username, zabbix to Passowrd (This passowrd is not ZABBIX_PASSWD).


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