Ubuntu 18.04: Connect to Xfce desktop environment via XRDP

Table of Contents

1 Install Xfce desktop environment

Install Xfce desktop environment with this.

2 Install XRDP

Install XRDP.

$ sudo apt install -y xrdp$ sudo sed -e ‘s/^new_cursors=true/new_cursors=false/g’ -i /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini$ sudo systemctl enable xrdp$ sudo systemctl restart xrdp

3 Create ~/.xsession and ~/.xsessionrc

Create .xsession and .xsessionrc in home directory of user to be connected.

$ echo “xfce4-session” > ~/.xsession$ D=/usr/share/xfce4:/usr/share/xubuntu:/usr/local/share$ D=${D}:/usr/share:/var/lib/snapd/desktop:/usr/share$ cat <<EOF > ~/.xsessionrcexport XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP=xubuntuexport XDG_DATA_DIRS=${D}export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=/etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu:/etc/xdg:/etc/xdgEOF

4 Disable light-locker via XRDP

The light-locker causes error when lightdm does not executed. This is because light-locker uses XDG_SESSION_PATH which is set by lightdm. XDG_SESSION_PATH is a dynamic value and cannot be set static.

** (light-locker:2769): ERROR **: 08:09:59.625: Environment variableXDG_SESSION_PATH not set. Is LightDM running?

This article create a wrapper script which checks if XDG_SESSION_PATH is set or not.

$ sudo cp /usr/bin/light-locker /usr/bin/light-locker.orig$ cat <<EOF | sudo tee /usr/bin/light-locker#!/bin/sh# The light-locker uses XDG_SESSION_PATH provided by lightdm.if [ ! -z “${XDG_SESSION_PATH}” ]; then /usr/bin/light-locker.origelse # Disable light-locker in XRDP. truefiEOF$ sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/light-locker

5 Connect to Xfce desktop environment via XRDP

Use Xorg as a session type. Windows Remote Desktop Connection is as the following.


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